What about the Ecocamping of Cun of Larzac ?

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What about the Ecocamping of Cun of Larzac ?

It is a natural unspoiled site in the North-East of Larzac plateau, in the hart of the Grands Causses Regional Natural Park, South West of France (Aveyron). It also belongs to the huge territory classified by UNESCO as Natural World Heritage in 2011 (cultural landscape of Mediterranean agro-pastoralism)

The Cun is a tree-filled, friendly, quiet and unique place ecologically responsible. Everything was thought to give the ever best modern, welcoming confort providing the highest standards of environmental norms.

We wanted the camp to stay at human scale, where everybody get privacy and space (50 camping places, 80 m²). 2 places are adapted for disabled persons. Your peacefulness would be preserved because any motor vehicle is avoided in the camp site. That is the reason why camping cars cannot dwell at the Cun of Larzac.
-  The exceptional biodiversity of the plateau is preserved on the whole site. Each camping place is special and singular. Il has been shaped by the natural growth of the local plants (oak and pine trees, boxes) We do not use any pesticide.
-  Toilet block was designed to integrate harmoniously the natural environment. Water used for showers and washing is warmed with the help of solar captors on the roofs (36 m²). All along the year rain is taped and stocked for supplying only the loos (150 m3). The water for loos, showers, washing…are then thrifty distributed to the block by the help of specific economic systems. Presence detectors are installed in the block to allow automatic switching on/off. Trash collection and purification are done by the use of sand layers and reeds clean up.
-  We offer ecoconcepted accomodations that are consistent with local architecture and surrounding countryside.
-  We encourage rubbish selecting, we use biodegradable and nature safe compounds to clean up. You can find them in the small shop at the reception desk.
-  We offer local, organic and quality products (small shop and self catering)
Our values, our positioning, our principles :
-  Nonviolence, international solidarity and environmentalism are the three main pillars that always federated « people of the Cun ». We would like to share them with you.
-  We aim you to exchange and meet farmers, artists and craftpersons that work and live on the plateau.
-  We get involved in environment education. Our friends, partners and local guides or collaborators will help you to discover the territory, agropastoralism, vernacular architecture (lavognes, jasses, caselles…), and the specific “larzaciens” way of life.

You will be amazed by :
-  particular geology of the Causses (dolines, avens, dolomitic boulders and rocks …),
-  fauna : mouflons, wild boars, roes, stags, beavers, genets, stone martens and birds such as griffon and cinereous vultures, royal eagles, hoopoes , grey herons...
-  flora (40% of total French species can be found and grow on the Larzac which only represents 1 % of the total national territoiry) notable of the plateau and the surroundings valleys..
With a full respect of humans, living beings, nature and local expertise we offer a
responsible and united eco-tourism.
Nature lovers, hikers, cycle touring, bikers, rock climbers, potholers, walkers, horse trekkers, families… You will find here your second “home sweet home!”

If these principles are common with yours or if you want to experiment them,
You are welcome !