Champs du Monde

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Champs du Monde

In 2009, Société Civile Immobilière (SCI) du Cun, which owns the site decided to give Champs du Monde the opportunity to develop it, on an emphyteutic lease agreement base.
Seven people living on the plateau lead the association and operating is collective. Many volunteers and friends contribute to the site maintenance and settlement. There an employee who is in charge of the client service management. Other seasonal employees give a supplement hand to help the functionning.
Main purposes :
o Create a model and innovative tourism eco-site.
Stakes of the renovating aims is not only the modernisation of the camping place. The offer consists in promotion of demonstrative accomodations and promotion of nature and human respectful lifestyle. We need to find a balance between local economy and environment. Champs du Monde defends and intends to promote a consistent and practical environmental project.
The three main lines that compose the project are :
• Environment :

-  Global master plan mixes architectural, bioclimatic, energy savings and rustic and pastoral fit inof the buildings.
-  Renovation and building with ecological materials.
-  Economic water management : rain collected, phytoepuration…
-  Peacefulness respect, decrease of loud (no motor-driven traffic in the camp)
-  Encouragement of environment respect using educational training, effluent and waste management.
-  Biodiversity preservation by an intense management of dry pitches, forest (protection of birds, cluster of trees,, no pesticides…)
• Social :

-  Acces to the buildings, animations ans campsite to any invalid person
-  Promotion of associative and local way of life and social economy.
• Economy :

-  Diversification of the site activities to create employment.
-  Promotion and defence of local or associative economy (direct sales, organic agriculture,crafts etc.)
-  Insertion in social and united economy of rural development

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