Wooden accomodations (witout toilets)

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Wooden accomodations (witout toilets)

You can rent them for the night or week.
Inspired by the sheepers beddings our accomodations are available for 2 or 4 people.
They are typical and original dwelling places that remind the local vaulted architecture of the sheepfolds (« jasses ») so characteristics of the “caussenard” landscape.
Less than 20 m², they were conceived to integrate the landscape and the forest as better as possible.
These ecohouses are made with natural lagging and buildings. The framework and inside are wooden made.
Raw materials used are certified coming from Forest Stewardship Council and sustainable development awarded. As wood is a renewable resource it does not generate high levels of energetic consumption. It also allows the carbon dioxide assimilation in the buildings in spite of releasing it in the atmosphere.
They also get high levels of acoustics and lagging.
These accomodations are made with many different species such as :

-  Picea abies ou common fir tree, Norvegian fir tree or Christmas tree.
-  Pseudotzuga menziessi Douglas fir tree
-  Pinus radiapin, Monterey pine
-  Larix europueus European larch

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