Our accommodations

Eco-Camping du Larzac ◊ Le Cun ◊ Route de Saint-Martin du Larzac - 12100 Millau ◊ Tel: 05 65 61 38 57 ◊ Courriel: accueil@ecocampingdularzac.org accueil@ecocampingdularzac.org

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Our accommodations


Douglas fir for the frame and the floor, chestnut for the poles, ecological insulation (straw under the floor, wool of sheep in the walls and the (...)
Wooden Huts

Inspired by the wooden cabins used by shepherds, these accommodation for 1 to 4 people, are available for rent by night, by weekends and short (...)
Cotton Tent on Private Terrace

Do you dream of an unusual and unforgettable stay? With our new nomad tents mounted on wide wooden terraces, you will enjoy it ! Our five nomad (...)

40 available pitches (of which 2 for disabled people), limited by the natural growth of vegetation and some Scots pines. We can comfortably (...)